About me & my style of shooting

Name: Omar Lopez

Colleges: Hofstra University, BA, St. John’s University, MA

Fav. Camera: Nikon Series

Fav. Subjects: Couples

Fav. Vacation Spot: California

Personal Motto: “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

Occupation: Published Photographer, Adjunct Professor of Photography, Adjunct Professor of Technology in Education & Bilingual Officiant

Office Location: 71-21 Austin St., Suite 205, Forest Hills, Queens, NY 11375


A lot of wedding photographers say they have a photojournalist style these days, but what exactly does that mean?

Ask your photographer what his/her style means to them and how their style will capture your wedding day or special event. If you’re a posed picture kind of couple, then, a photojournalistic or art house approach isn’t a match. Conversely, if you want a lot of candid, non-posed, capture-the-emotion-as-it-happens-the-first-time kind of couple or person, you will be in for a shock if you choose a studio photographer.

Style is everything, especially when it’s your wedding album or special event and it’s your day. When meeting with clients, I am very specific on defining my style through viewing my portfolio so as to not have any client misunderstandings.

I do not work all the time in a studio, instead I prefer to conduct my photo shoots in unconventional locations. If studio space is required, we have beautiful studio space in East Harlem, NYC. My team of professional photographers / videographers and I have been in business since 2005.